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At Pixel Vans, we offer dynamic and creative advertising solutions for businesses in Chicago.

Our eye-catching LED trucks are the perfect way to spread the word about your event, product, or service. We have a mobile billboard to suit every high-end business in Chicago.

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Looking for unique and effective mobile advertising services in Chicago? We’ve got you covered.

Just one advertisement with our LED trucks can generate more than 30,000 impressions a day… that’s a lot of new customers or clients. And a subscription package means even more.

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Mobile Billboard LIVE-STREAM Services: Taking Advertising in Chicago to the Next Level

Mobile Billboards Chicago

Mobile Advertising Chicago

Mobile Billboards in Chicago

Mobile billboards are a high-end, impactful way for you to advertise your services, events, or products. 

We offer brand new advertising LED trucks with premium HD screens. Large screens on the sides and the back of our vans will display your advertisement images or video at incredibly high resolution. The color and image quality are the best in the market and are guaranteed to catch the attention of anyone passing by. Your audience literally can’t miss it!

The beauty of mobile billboards is that you can advertise directly to people all over Chicago. You can tailor your routes to best suit your advertising campaign, for the right target audience. And in the end, you’ll be reaching more people than your competitors.

Mobile Advertising Chicago

A standard sign or billboard advert can be good for business. But when that advertisement is continuously traveling around the city and impacting a much larger audience, your reach becomes so much wider.

Mobile advertising with cutting-edge video streaming allows you to direct your adverts and target certain areas or points of interest. A new LED advertising truck, like those we utilise at Pixel Vans, is an affordable yet impactful advertising solution. Personalize your advert or your video content, and let us do the rest!

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